Thursday, April 2, 2009

And now the wait. . .

Well here I am waiting. What I haven't mentioned is that I found a painful lump in my right breast Sunday. My gp saw me Monday and made an appointment for a mammogram and ultrasound today. (Shame on me for not getting a baseline mammogram last year when she mentioned it. . .)

Anyway, they did a bilateral mammogram and an ultrasound of the right breast. Looks like the painful part was a cyst but they also noticed a 'nodule' that they wanted to biopsy. I'm not a panic freak but this biopsy-able thing wasn't even on my radar and all of a sudden I was wanting an ultrasound of the left breast. Like really wanting it. So, I did my magic and convinced the very nice Radiologist to give a look on the left side.

Lo and behold she found what she called a "complex cyst" over there and she decided to slate me for the biopsy and cyst aspiration in a couple of hours. They suggested I go home and relax but I know me and I was sure that I'd just surf the web until I was whipped into a self induced panic so I bought a Danielle Steele, a sandwich and wasted some time..

Long story short, the complex cyst turned out to be a cyst and a mass so next thing you knew I had two cysts and two biopsies. They placed markers at the locations of the biopsies, told me not to worry and that I'll get my results at 3pm tomorrow.

And so I went home and thought slightly nervous I was ready to just wait it out until my darling Ken pointed out that they probably say that to everyone (THANKS KEN!). He's probably right. I mean what are they going to say- go home and freak for 24 hours???

So now I wait. I'll let you know what happens.


Givinya De Elba said...

Oh Mrs Stepford Mommy, you've bene through a heap of stress and I didn't even know! What a naightmare. I hope and pray that everything is fine, and that you can stop stressing and re-start enjoying life really soon.

Jackie said...

I hope everything is okay! Definitely try to stay positive and stay AWAY from google and/or web MD. :)

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