Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Baby Oliver

I can't possibly be the only person in America who is going out of my mind in anticipation of the birth of Jamie and Jools Oliver's third child can I? It's ridiculous and I'm certainly not the type to be such a 'fan' but they just seem like the happies people and I know they've wanted this child for so long.

I need help. . .

Do not tell The Flyer

Do NOT, I repeat do NOT tell The Flyer that Mommy cleaned out her closet. It really was self defense given that the house was about to explode due to completely-outgrown-little-girl clothes that she wouldn't let me purge. Oh, and the fact that Mommy went crazy on Ebay and bought 15 Lilly dresses for the summer. . .

Honestly, The Flyer has more clothes than any middle aged woman I know. Between my love affair with Lilly and Godmother L's obsession with kids clothes this child could open a store. But I digress. The bottom line is that now all drawers can actually close, the closet is more than a bursting pile of crazy and every pair of shoes actually fits!

I'm not too concerned that she'll catch on about the purge. I'm sure she thinks that it's all just in the laundry- givent that we don't have a great turnaround time here. . . So, as long as I can sneak those 5 bursting bags over to Goodwill I'm in the clear.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunny thoughts for a rainy day

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Asparagus means I'm home

Nope I haven't lost my mind (yet). This weekend the Flyer and I planted our Asparagus bed. It's been on my list of things to do forever but I never got around to it. You see, Asparagus isn't for the faint of heart. At best you're looking at two years to produce anything edible and there's some work involved so it's always represented (to me at least) the kind of thing you don't undertake unless you know you're not going anywhere. Like when you know you're home.

And though we've been here for nearly seven years (!?!) until Ken, Mini-Ken and Tiffany came along I guess my heart wasn't sure that this house was home. Until now.

So, here's to Asparagus.

Friday, March 27, 2009

I figured it out

I finally figured out what is wrong with me. I need a vacation. And I don't mean a vacation from blogging to enjoy my life. What I need is a vacation from my life to roam around the blogosphere. How does that sound?

Now to get the rest of the people in my life onboard. . .

What the blog is wrong with me, anyway?

Why is it that can't get out of this funk? Is it the weather? The fast approaching big four oh (or should I say big four oh no!) I've been one big crabapple lately and it's bugging everyone including me.

Why am I sitting around wasting my day skimming catalogs and 'shopping' online for stuff I can't afford? Why do I beat myself up again and again for being so chubby instead of going for a run? Why did I have that extra glass of wine last night and let myself get 'obnoxious' (according to Ken)?

What the blog is wrong with me?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, I'm back to counting my points. Mommy is never going to get skinny unless she PAYS ATTENTION to what she's eating! I know that's not much of a revelation to many but I've always been able to get away without worrying about portion control (too much) because my eating habits have always been quite healthy.

Until recently. My dearest, loving Ken is a wonderful cook and he loves to feed his family. And I love to eat. We all see where this is going- yup straight to plumpsville. Unless I'm willing to live with a BMI higher than my IQ I'm going to have to get things under control.

And exercise. . . groan. ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Horror Show

Ok. So what does one say when their ex breaks up with the long-term girlfriend who your kid thinks is family? Answer: nothing. You hope and pray that it all works out.

AND . . . what if it doesn't? What if he decides after 3 months that he wants to marry the 'new' girl (who happens to be Russian and, as far as I understand, in need of legal documentation)?


A peek into my afternoon

A conversation:

Me: Look outside! It's SNOWING!!

The Flyer: WHAT?!?!? Lemme see!!!

Ken: No it's not- holy crap it's snowing!!

A realization: I'm lucky to have already been cuddled by the fire with a glass of wine or I'd have taken this resergence of winter very badly. ; )

Mini meme

I'm not a big fan of those huge long meme things (not that I don't like reading other people's- they can be fascinating) so I'm hoping to head off any future meme's with this brief summary of things one might not know about me:

1. I am a natural blonde. Sure it's not the white-blond of my childhood but I'm not 4 anymore so. . .

2. I have not only a superfun garden but an actual (really small) orchard. Makes me feel like a grown-up!

3. I'm mildly addicted to Yankee Candles and must have one burning in my office during work hours or I'm not at all to blame for my own unproductively. I particularly like the coconut scented one.

4. I am of the firm belief that one of the best things that one can provide for their guest's comfort is a good book and a great place to enjoy it. Since I rarely have guests here in Stepford (Mommy's McMansion is more like a Mc Shoebox) I focus my energies on the beach house and I assure you there are piles of books and nooks to read.

5. I love to cook, sew, create and decorate. I also enjoy going for a nice run but I'm a little lazy so that comes and goes in spurts.

6. I live for that moment on the beach when it's perfectly quiet and I feel as though It's just me and the sun. Ahhh

7. I love my friends and adore entertaining. I wish I had more people in my life who would just drop by. I hate that things have become so formal as to require an invitation. Just pop in for heaven's sake!!

8. Eight is my favorite number

9. Under no circumstances do I ever see myself eating eel. I love Japanese as much as the next Mommy but nope. Not happening.

10. I am fully aware that nobody cares that much about the above 9 things. Except me :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shut me up Saturday

Well, it's no wordless Wednesday but I thought I'd give it a shot. Anyway, I'm dreaming of summer and here is where I'll be. . . Paradise (ok, it's not all that perfect but check out my plans to redecorate!)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung!!!

And do you know what that means? Mommy's thinking of the beach! I've executed my assault on the snow and I'm happy to report that we have success (or we will by the end of today). So now I'm free to jump directly to thoughts of sun and sand.

Ok, I know that its kinda like putting the cart before the horse but- really- isn't that what I usually do anyway??

Around here we have this odd limbo season I like to think of as pre-spring. It's warm enough to know that winter is over but still not spring-y enough to start gardening so year after year I find myself wandering the local nurseries and physically restraining myself from purchasing plants that will unquestionably die immediately if I ignore all advice and good sense and plant them like I'm dying to.

This year I've decided to skip all that torture and use this pre-spring to focus on what I'm going to do to the family beach house I've inherited to truly make it my own. If you're at all interested I'd love it if you'd pop in and give me your thoughts about my thoughts. . . :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Melt my snow please

Today is not a nice day at all. It is overcast, cold and rainy. However, I'm not about to let that dampen my spirits. Instead, I'm going to use the rain to my advantage and make my ultimate assault on the permafrost icepack that has thus far refused to vacate my back deck.

Ever since the first 'warm' day a few weeks ago I've been chipping away at it. Ok, I know that nobody is going to be hanging out back there for a while but I am experiencing this compulsive need to eradicate all reminders of this winter's horrible snows. For the most part it's all melted and elsewhere my plants are starting to bud and all is right with the world. But still the view out my window is of snow and ice. I can't stand it! So yet again I was out there this morning in my jammies and winter boots stomping away and breaking the ice into the smallest possible chunks to speed melting.

Ken is this close to flying in a team of Psychiatrists from Austria so I'd better hope it works this time. Maybe I'll just go crunch those bits a little smaller before he comes home. . .

Monday, March 9, 2009

My most humble apologies

To you the adored readers of my most insignificant of blogs I offer my humble apologies for my recent lack of posting. To the unbelievably interesting people to whose blogs I am addicted and follow with a passion which might be consider odd (were you not so fabulous) I apologize for my recent lack of participation. I assure you that I will catch up.

Where the hell have I been? Right here in Stepford, of course- which is sort of like hell but that's another story. I've been tinkering with the idea of changing up the format of my little blog and between that and 'work', this mommy's life has been B U S Y!

Short catch up: birthday party went fine. (can not for the life of me understand people who choose to work in places where said birthday parties are held- I'd rather be strung up by my ankles); work is the same as ever (as far as I can tell because Lord knows I'm not paying as much attention as I should); the weather is still crazy (we've had snow followed by 60 degree weather followed by snow more than once in the last couple of weeks); The Flyer is still dragging me to cheer competitions (I spent the last two days waking at 5:30 to rush to a place filled with 2500 children who shouldn't be wearing makeup) and knucklehead- he's right on track with his plot for family, if not world, domination.

So, to recap: sorry, sorry, sorry. I'll do my best to figure out this blog rehab or get over the idea asap. Missed you guys!!!