Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do not tell The Flyer

Do NOT, I repeat do NOT tell The Flyer that Mommy cleaned out her closet. It really was self defense given that the house was about to explode due to completely-outgrown-little-girl clothes that she wouldn't let me purge. Oh, and the fact that Mommy went crazy on Ebay and bought 15 Lilly dresses for the summer. . .

Honestly, The Flyer has more clothes than any middle aged woman I know. Between my love affair with Lilly and Godmother L's obsession with kids clothes this child could open a store. But I digress. The bottom line is that now all drawers can actually close, the closet is more than a bursting pile of crazy and every pair of shoes actually fits!

I'm not too concerned that she'll catch on about the purge. I'm sure she thinks that it's all just in the laundry- givent that we don't have a great turnaround time here. . . So, as long as I can sneak those 5 bursting bags over to Goodwill I'm in the clear.


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