Thursday, March 19, 2009

Melt my snow please

Today is not a nice day at all. It is overcast, cold and rainy. However, I'm not about to let that dampen my spirits. Instead, I'm going to use the rain to my advantage and make my ultimate assault on the permafrost icepack that has thus far refused to vacate my back deck.

Ever since the first 'warm' day a few weeks ago I've been chipping away at it. Ok, I know that nobody is going to be hanging out back there for a while but I am experiencing this compulsive need to eradicate all reminders of this winter's horrible snows. For the most part it's all melted and elsewhere my plants are starting to bud and all is right with the world. But still the view out my window is of snow and ice. I can't stand it! So yet again I was out there this morning in my jammies and winter boots stomping away and breaking the ice into the smallest possible chunks to speed melting.

Ken is this close to flying in a team of Psychiatrists from Austria so I'd better hope it works this time. Maybe I'll just go crunch those bits a little smaller before he comes home. . .

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