Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung!!!

And do you know what that means? Mommy's thinking of the beach! I've executed my assault on the snow and I'm happy to report that we have success (or we will by the end of today). So now I'm free to jump directly to thoughts of sun and sand.

Ok, I know that its kinda like putting the cart before the horse but- really- isn't that what I usually do anyway??

Around here we have this odd limbo season I like to think of as pre-spring. It's warm enough to know that winter is over but still not spring-y enough to start gardening so year after year I find myself wandering the local nurseries and physically restraining myself from purchasing plants that will unquestionably die immediately if I ignore all advice and good sense and plant them like I'm dying to.

This year I've decided to skip all that torture and use this pre-spring to focus on what I'm going to do to the family beach house I've inherited to truly make it my own. If you're at all interested I'd love it if you'd pop in and give me your thoughts about my thoughts. . . :)

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