Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mini meme

I'm not a big fan of those huge long meme things (not that I don't like reading other people's- they can be fascinating) so I'm hoping to head off any future meme's with this brief summary of things one might not know about me:

1. I am a natural blonde. Sure it's not the white-blond of my childhood but I'm not 4 anymore so. . .

2. I have not only a superfun garden but an actual (really small) orchard. Makes me feel like a grown-up!

3. I'm mildly addicted to Yankee Candles and must have one burning in my office during work hours or I'm not at all to blame for my own unproductively. I particularly like the coconut scented one.

4. I am of the firm belief that one of the best things that one can provide for their guest's comfort is a good book and a great place to enjoy it. Since I rarely have guests here in Stepford (Mommy's McMansion is more like a Mc Shoebox) I focus my energies on the beach house and I assure you there are piles of books and nooks to read.

5. I love to cook, sew, create and decorate. I also enjoy going for a nice run but I'm a little lazy so that comes and goes in spurts.

6. I live for that moment on the beach when it's perfectly quiet and I feel as though It's just me and the sun. Ahhh

7. I love my friends and adore entertaining. I wish I had more people in my life who would just drop by. I hate that things have become so formal as to require an invitation. Just pop in for heaven's sake!!

8. Eight is my favorite number

9. Under no circumstances do I ever see myself eating eel. I love Japanese as much as the next Mommy but nope. Not happening.

10. I am fully aware that nobody cares that much about the above 9 things. Except me :)

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Jackie said...

I totally agree with #7! I feel like people are like this with doing stuff too. There has to be plans for can't just call someone anymore and be like, let's hang out now.

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