Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Confession: I am an addict

I admit it. I'm an addict. It's shameful and has taken over my life but I am completely powerless to avoid my craving for a select few types of ridiculous tv shows. There is not a single food based reality competition series that I can avoid and I also have a stupid penchant for watching home buying and reno shows. Its affecting my family.

Every time Ken walks in and catches me he is forced to spin on his heel and flee the room. The flyer is considering pulling together a contract to outline the programming that she will agree to while spending time with Mommy. I'm looking into therapy and am welcome to suggestions regarding support groups or helpful reading selections. Because the madness must stop. Ok, maybe not stop but be controlled a little because addictions are a serious thing. I can't let my life be taken over by vicarious food based competitions and perhaps a tad too much wine enjoyed while watching the former.

Did I forget to mention the wine? Well, I'm not that worried about it because I've developed selective hearing and will only acknowledge the studies that show its good for you. Also, there is no way I can survive in this town without a regular allotment of alcohol. So really, we only need to worry about the tv. One vice at a time. . .

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