Friday, February 27, 2009

Please excuse me while my heart breaks

I'm sorry to have been such a downer lately. I've been sick and not at all my usual pithy self. And now it's worse. . .

Believe it or not, I've spent the last couple of days in bed thinking I'm being too hard on these Stepford Mommies. Maybe they're just the way they are because they're trying to fit in? I dunno. But now I'm back to resenting the hell out of them. Why you ask? Because they're mean.

The flyer's birthday party is coming up and only 4 of the people invited have RSVP'd. Ok, no big deal but apparently the others are slow to respond because there is another party scheduled at the same time. That's fine- can't help these little glitches in life- but you see I wouldn't know about the other party because my daughter wasn't invited. In fact, this isn't the first time. We tried to arrange a play date with one girl only to be told (rather rudely I might add) that she was going to a classmate's birthday party. Hey! The Flyer is one of her classmates and if we were inviting your daughter over it's because we clearly didn't know about any party. Why point it out and make my kid feel bad?

Come to think of it, my kid has only been invited to 2 parties this year. One from a girl in her class and another from a girl in the other class. There are 18 girls in her grade this year (and btw we invited all to The Flyer's party). We are more than half way through the year so you'd think that there would have been more than 2 parties, wouldn't you?

In what demented universe is it ok to invite some but not all of your kids classmates to a birthday party? I get it that 37 is too many kids so no need to invite the whole grade but there are 18 and 19 in individual classes. You could invite the whole class or all of the girls in your class (9 in one and 8 in the other) or all of the girls in the grade but why leave people out? Does it make the kids feel better because they've snubbed someone? Or is the Mommies who are doing this selective inclusion?

Does this cult really need to indoctrinate their 8 year old daughters into the cycle of snobbiness?


Crazy Sister said...

Guest lists are hard to get perfect, from wedding receptions to kids' parties. A lot of people I know allow kids to invite the same number of friends as their age, but I'll admit, that seems more sensible for toddlers (and their mums!) than it does for schoolkids who get their feelings hurt.

With those class numbers, I'd be inviting all the girls in a class. Easy.

Hippomanic Jen said...

It does seem mean, but I guess I used to only invite my friends, Mum always gave me a limit to the numbers - but then, you have such small classes it wouldn't be too hard to invite everyone, or, as you say, all the girls in the class. Or then again, I always had more boy friends, so maybe just the boys.

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